Monday, March 19, 2012

Wedding planning trip

by Crystal

I'm getting married. In, like, 5 months or something.

This past week, my younger sister/Maid of Honor and I went down to Florida to do some wedding planning. It was right on the heels of my job ending, and my sister was on her Spring Break, so it seemed like the perfect time to getaway. We had two days of scheduled meetings, then two days of relaxation.

Let me share with you that I'm not the greatest planner. I like almost everything, so I have a hard time deciding on...anything. Lucky for me, I have an awesome fiance who suggested we hire a wedding planner to help with everything. Bingo!

The two days flew by in a stream of questions and making decisions. I will not bore everyone with the details, but just say that we talked a lot about food, flowers, fabrics, and photos.

After all the wedding planning, we were both ready for some quality beach time...and a cold, fruity beverage.

 I got this bathing suit at the GAP outlet. While I'm not normally a "ruffly" lady, I was in need of a strapless top to avoid tan lines in the wedding dress.

The beach time was definitely good for our souls. And we had our own personal chef for the week as well (aka my future mother-in-law, who's an amazing cook!), so we indulged.

I'm now officially devising plans for us to somehow end up in Destin, FL. I thought maybe if I just stayed, E would eventually have to come and get me, and then he would realize he wanted to stay too. Simple, right? Alas, I got on the plane back to VA like a good girl...

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