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Our names are Crystal, Anita, and Katie. We met in college (at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), and have been besties ever since--despite where our lives have taken us, geographically.

Since our freshman year of college, we've collectively lived in New Haven, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Columbus, OH, Albuquerque, Los Angeles, Madison, WI, and Collinsville, VA. And yet we've managed to stay close. And now...as we approach the "soft side of thirty," we've decided to bring our friendship to the web and collaborate on all of the girly things we love.

Here's us, back in the day (circa 2005):

Here's us, now-ish (2011):

A little about us, individually:

E and me!
Hi! I'm Crystal. I recently realized what's important in my life, so I quit my corporate job in Los Angeles to be with my man in a small town in southern VA (although I can't lie, I miss the beach).

While I navigate through a new life, you will most likely find me traveling, fishing, cooking (and thus, eating), thrifting/shopping maybe more than I should (is there such a thing?), wining, beer brewing, and yoga-ing. Oh, also getting married. I'm doing that too. I believe that if you're adventurous in your eating style, that translates to the way you live life as well. I enjoy surprises and avocados, and I try to stay away from judgmental people and dirty dishes.

Hi! I'm Anita. I live in the wonderful city of Columbus, OH. I've been lucky enough to convert my passion for food into a full time career, recruiting for a major restaurant group (can someone say discount?!).

I will share with you my recipes, but I'll also share some other loves in my life - traveling, shopping/thrifting, and getting crafty!

I am a Scorpio. I love my family, friends, and boyfriend. Whether it's a night out on the dance floor, or at home playing board games, I firmly believe it's not where you are, but who you're with.

Hi! I'm Katie. I live in Madison, Wisconsin with my girlfriend, Katie (we know, it's ridiculous)--she'll also be a contributor to our little blog: she's an amazing cook. That's us, below--in front of the house we bought last summer.

In 2011, I quit my job as a writer for a software company and started my own dog walking and pet care business, Take Paws. I consider myself a pseudo-academic book nerd with a crafty, artsy soul. I love creating things of beauty from unexpected materials. I thrift obsessively, I scrapbook, I sometimes bake, and I try all sorts of various projects when the whim hits.

To great friends, staying strong over long distances and through the years!

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