Saturday, March 3, 2012

The second blogger arrives!

by Crystal

Hello everyone! My name is Crystal, and I'm going to apologize upfront that my first post on our newborn blog will not be as creative and imaginative as our friend Katie's have been so far. (Seriously, Katie - you're going to make us look bad if you keep up with this ridiculously awesome ideas!) Allow me to give you a glimpse of how my life has looked for the past two months...

...Crazy, right?! I can assure you I am not a homeless person, but I have been living out of boxes (which I would not recommend doing if you don't have to - a word to the wise). A few months ago, I packed up my life in LA and moved to a small town in Virginia. Why, you ask?

Meet the love of my life and husband-to-be, Eric. He moved last June for work, and I apparently can't live without this guy. Anyway, now that we've finally moved into our new and improved apartment, that means there will be plenty of opportunities for some projects! And I promise, I will share them with you all. 

I'm very excited to have a place to share with two of my favorite people (and hopefully other interested parties) where we can chronicle our lives and creations. Let the journey begin!!

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