Thursday, March 22, 2012

Have passport (and money). Will travel.

by Anita

At the Port of San Diego - Cruise Day 1

Let's backtrack a few weeks, beginning of March when I went on my FIRST cruise, where I traveled for 9 days with my boyfriend and 2 other couples along the Mexican Riviera. We ported out of beautiful San Diego, CA and had a few days at sea, elegant nights, spectacular ocean view, divine cuisine that never ended and memorable excursions.

For anyone who is a bit hesitant to get on a huge vessel that travels the sea that you would never want to be stranded in especially if you are oddly scared of sharks...I mean, I am ODDLY scared of sharks, as in, I still believe that hidden below a swimming pool is a secret gate where a swarm of sharks are just maliciously swimming back and forth waiting for me to swim to the bottom of said pool to have me as a tasty snack... I digress. 

No Sharks Allowed!
Let me assure you that after all the news reports before we left for our cruise about boats tipping over in the coast of Italy and guests being held up by gun point while on a paid excursion, I still was all gung-ho to set sail. The Carnaval cruise was the BEST VACATION EVER!  
Macaws in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I (unlike Crystal) am quite the planner and I get giddy when there are events mapped out for me to coordinate what I shall wear, what I shall eat, and what dancing I can do. Luckily, there was a daily agenda with a plethora of activities and lounging to partake in along with a towel creature every night on our bed.

A turtle towel creature

Yes - That is succulent lobster tail and finger licking shrimps!

A cruise is quite the operation and there is little planning that you have to do if you want to lounge, EAT, drink cocktails, play some put-put golf or watch Broadway type shows, then you can do all or some. 

 A few of the highlights from our 4 stops in the Mexican Riviera were in Manzanillo sitting on the beach and taking in the view (and being bombarded by vendors), in Puerto Vallarta we swam with dolphins and got kissed by sea lions, in Cabo San Lucas we toured a secluded beach and snorkeled with a bonus trip out to the Pacific to see 2 lovely Hump Back Whales swimming, and in Ensenada we had a cultural city tour and stopped to shop at La Bufadora (Blow Hole) market where I received a beautiful Sterling Silver ring from my charming boyfriend.
I really did swim with the dolphins 
Lover's Beach and snorkeling in Cabo
Love birds in Cabo...get it? 
Sterling Silver ring with Alexandrite and white Topazes from Ensenada
Now I am ready to plan my next cruise and believe me, I have a passport ready to get some more worldly stamps pressed in it to show off one day. Perhaps the Mediterranean 12-day cruise is something I should put on my MUST-DO list for 2013. Hold me to it! 

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