Thursday, March 8, 2012

I finally got dressed.

by Crystal

Allow me to explain...

I have not been naked for the past few months, however, it is a very rare occasion when I've worn something worthy of seeing the light of day. Since I've moved, I've had the opportunity to work from home, so I may see the projects I've been working on to completion (now that those are finished, my last day is tomorrow, and then I'll really be unemployed - eek!!). Anyway, when I'm home all day, it can be difficult to find the motivation to put on actual clothes. So I've found myself staying in pajamas most of the day, changing into shorts and a t-shirt to go to the gym...but there haven't been very many instances where I'm looking through my closet to put an outfit together (which is actually something I love doing!).

Last night, E and I were invited to celebrate a friend's Birthday at a local Mexican restaurant. I immediately took this opportunity to wear something real!

Yep, I'm excited. Internet, meet one of my favorite dresses. I bought this dress at the Starfish Boutique in Venice, CA one of the first days I moved to California. We had a love affair that summer - I cheated on almost every other one of my dresses to wear this one. It saw me through some good and bad times. It's been there for me. Last night I wore it with a cardigan and scarf, since it's still March and all.

These boots, though, are pretty much on their last leg. These Steve Maddens have lasted three winters with me - more than any other boot I've owned. That probably speaks more poorly about the owner than the boots. But the treatment on these has worn off, and the redone heels are starting to wear down again. It's about time I say goodbye.

On a happier note - I'd like to tell you all about our first child! Her name is Canon Rebel EOS T3i. We played around with her while the sun was setting to practice snapping photos.

Just for kicks and giggles (is that the saying?), here's my favorite from the Birthday extravaganza. Yes friends, expect to see more of this guy. I can't help it - the camera loves him. It must be a daddy's girl.

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