Thursday, November 1, 2012

The nature walk that turned into a hike.

by Crystal

How was everyone's Halloween?? Ours was pretty uneventful. We don't really get any trick or treaters in our apt. building, so instead, we cuddled up and watched a Halloween movie. Little Shop of Horrors counts, right? Neither of us are much for scary movies. E did dress up for work, though. He did a mash up of a wizard and a football player. He was a FANTASY FOOTBALL player. Get it? He's a creative one, that guy.

Anyway, I wanted to share a little something my friends and I discuss quite a bit. The difference between nature walks/nature trails, and hikes. Basically, here it is:
  • Nature Walks/Nature Trails: Light amount of effort, mostly flat terrain - for those who want to take a trail walk outdoors and be one with nature. Wear what you want for this one
  • Hike: Medium to lots of effort, moderate to steep inclines, with a destination to get to a certain point (mostly the top of a mountain/hill). Wear loose fitting/comfy clothing and sturdy shoes
While visiting the family-in-law this weekend, we decided to grab some fresh air and head outside to nearby state park called Stone Mountain. I thought we were just going to walk on a trail or two, enjoy the brisk weather and some conversation, but instead we ended up walking up a mountain literally made of stone.

Now, I'm normally a person who loves a good hike, but this time I was completely unprepared (attire-wise, of course). We went about halfway up, starting getting a little sweaty, and turned around to walk back. That's just how we roll.

My outfit may have stopped me from hiking, but it obviously didn't keep me from dancing.

Top: H&M
Boyfriend jeans: Gap
Shoes: Sperry Top-Siders
Sunnies: Target

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