Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5, 6, 7, 8...

by Crystal

So I haven't been posting my outfits daily for #StyleMeMay, but I've still been participating. Here's the weekend (plus a few days) round up...

Day 5 - put a scarf on it. Normally I would have no problem, because I'm wearing scarves at least every other day, but this one didn't last long in the 80 degree weather, folks.

Day 6 - layer jewelry. Not something I usually do. And I felt awkward taking a picture of it.

Day 7 - world traveler. Paid homage to my first word traveling. I studied in Spain ("hola" means "hello" in Spanish. Yeah, I'm knowledgeable.), and I got this scarf in Morocco. See? Scarf every other day.

Day 8 - fresh lipstick. I made a special trip to the CVS for this color. I'm obviously an amateur lipstick buyer because I didn't get the kind that doesn't go on everything your lips touch. For example, your chicken salad wrap, water glass, fiance's face...but I still loved it!

Also, totally loving the Instagram filters. They make every picture look better! But you better believe for the few that I take that are good without one, I'm #nofilter-ing those babies so you know I made that look good all on my own!

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