Friday, April 13, 2012

Simple DIY coffee mugs.

by Crystal

I saw this originally on M loves M (which is an awesome blog, BTW). I loved the idea of taking some cute coffee mugs and making them your own.

What you'll need:
-Paint pen
-Clear spray concealer
-Coffee mugs
-A letter you like enough to put on your mugs

Let's emphasize the simple in this DIY post. I think the hardest part was going to JoAnn Fabrics and determining which paint pen and which spray I wanted to buy.

First, you'll take two coffee mugs. Preferably cute, inexpensive ones. I got mine at a consignment shop for $1.50.

Then, you'll write on the mugs with your cool new paint pen. I decided to go with "r" because my future last name will begin with that letter. But I could have done "c" for Crystal. Seriously. Choose whatever you want. Go crazy.

End product (drying on my balcony):

I only have one in the last picture because the first one I sprayed before the paint was dry, and it began running (down the mug, not away). I quickly wiped it off with a wet rag and was able to save it, but my impatience got the best of me and I needed to take a picture immediately after I finished. Baby steps, my friends. I can't expect these to go perfectly yet. I'm still a DIY newbie.

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